Before the Trip – Planning

It is now just 13 days to my departure.  Still so much to do, and now so little time in which to do it.   But I guess, when the time comes, all will be well.  It usually is.

Never before have I done so much planning prior to going on a trip.  The first leg is booked.   One night in Los Angeles, two nights on the train to Chicago, one night in Chicago and then the train to St Paul.  I’ll worry about the other 24 weeks after that.

On my three previous trips, I basically just winged it… see which way the wind blows, and follow it.  The only important part was to spend time with the family mostly around the time of family celebrations.   For the rest of the time I was as free as a bird, criss-crossing the North American continent every which way, in which ever vehicle that was available.

But this year will be different.   There is a vehicle already waiting for me in St Paul, MN.  The plan is to have it take me to visit family and friends, and hopefully take me on a sight-seeing tour around Alaska.  

3 Responses to Before the Trip – Planning

  1. Peter Thody says:

    Good luck Lifey,

    I look forward to following your journey – especially the California State Route 46 / 41 intersection.


  2. Nancy Lucas says:

    We enjoyed your visit to our club in Marathon in the Florida Keys. If you get “blown” this way again we’d love to have you.


    • lifemagician says:

      Wow! Nancy, how great to hear from you.

      If/When I am down that way, I will definitely be in contact. Would love to visit the club again… Marathon and Key West.


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